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Электронные компоненты

Поиск электронных компонентов

About the company

Elarta is a modern, professional and fast-growing company, active in supply of imported electronic components across Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Our core competence is procurement and supply of wide range of:
  • imported electronic and electro-mechanical components,
  • power supply,
  • industrial automation systems,
  • sensors/detectors,
  • power electronics components,
  • means of indication,
  • wireless connection components, etc...

We offer:
  • deliveries from a prototype up to complete production batch
  • competitive prices
  • complex deliveries of original electronic components directly from the largest warehouses in Europe, USA, Asia
  • search and supply of scarce and phased-out electronic components
  • Technical support and optimal solutions tailored to your needs/requirements

The basis of our success is in
  • the flexibility and customer orientation/focus,
  • competence and high qualification of our personnel/staff/employees/team
  • partnerships with both established global manufacturers as well as young innovative companies

Elarta is a reliable and responsible partner, performing according to the highest up-to-date business standards.

An extended product range allows Elarta to serve companies of different profile. Among our customers there are large companies working in the fields of industrial automatisation, communication media, security, medical equipment, LED lighting and many others. We have trusted relationships with many of our key customers to implement complete solutions for their needs.
Our clients can benefit from our well-structured logistic operations which enable deliveries of the goods to the customer's door (DDP deliveries, Incoterm 2010) within 1-2 weeks time from the warehouses of the vendor, based in Europe or USA or Asia.
What makes Elarta an attractive and suitable partner for the new manufacturers who are supplying to the Russian market? — It is the combination of:
  • high level of technical support provided at the early stage of project development,
  • an extensive customer base and
  • years of experience in marketing the new products

We would be happy to assist with your inquiries,
your contact person is Larisa Rakitina,
phone: +7-812-606-60-45,
email: info@elarta.ru
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